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10 Reasons Not To Blog In Your Readers’ Language

I’ve been thinking about language in relation to the theme of respect, and wondering whether the principle of ‘respect for your readers’ should influence the language we chose to blog in. Like most bloggers, the majority (>60%) of my readers and site visitors come from the U.S. Does this mean I should adapt to writing [...]

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Things That Get In The Way of You Writing

Things That Get In The Way of You Writing

No it’s not procrastination or writer’s block. It’s not even the incessant rain getting me down. It’s a mouse. Yes, there’s a moose loose about my hoose. You’d think with a cat I’d be safe from such interuptions, but despite a stern talking to he’s just looking at the mouse, and then at me, as [...]

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3rd Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest

Michael Stelzner at Writing White Papers is running the 3rd annual ‘Top 10 Blogs for Writers’ contest. I was surprised and delighted to switch on this morning and find Confident Writing had made it to the list. (Huge thanks to Jon Swanson and Becky McCray for the nominations). The list of 37 is blogs that [...]

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What I’ve Learned About Writing From My Friends Online

What I’ve Learned About Writing From My Friends Online

I enjoy sharing tips, suggestions and ideas about writing with all of you here. But I also enjoy reading, learning and getting inspiration from a wide range of sources online. As my contribution to this month’s ‘What I Learned From’ Group Writing Project I wanted to share some of things I’ve learned about writing from [...]

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10 Posts On The Theme of Respect

One of the things I enjoy about writing to a monthly theme is that it tends to become my reading focus too.  So I find I’m reading with more of a sense of purpose, looking for patterns and connections, for resonance with the theme. None of these 10 posts mentioned ‘respect’ as such - but [...]

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