Comments, Community and Conversation

A few bits and pieces on the comments and conversation fronts.


Paragraphs are back!  Some of you might have noticed it was kind of difficult impossible to break your comments up into paragraphs.  I’ve discovered and implemented the necessary fix to the code so you can now break up your lovely long comments.  Thanks to Jeanne Dininni for bringing this to my attention.

You can now see a list of the people who are the most regular and generous commenters. (The list appears in the sidebar).  It’s a nice reflection of the community here, plus I’m hoping it will encourage Karen Swim and Brad Shorr to keep writing more and more comments as they vie for top spot…

Thanks to rjleamann for encouraging me to add this plugin.

By way of reminder: out of respect for genuine comments and conversation here I delete comments signed off by key words rather than people.  I don’t mark them as sp*m, and I do allow some - if they’re interesting and thoughtful comments, rather than opportunistic ways to tempt someone to visit your site.  It’s not a hard and fast rule - as the comments in the last post on this topic show, it’s  not an easy one to police… except for the fact I’m the policeman, and get to decide.


I’ve decided to get rid of the widget showing recent visitors on the sidebar.  Although it’s always been good to see pictures of *you* I was getting tired of seeing pictures and links to semi-pornographic sites.  Maybe I should view it as a sign of success that people wanted to show their wares here… but I didn’t think it was in keeping with the rest of the atmosphere on the site.


I’m trying to get back into Twitter after an extended break over the summer while I was moving house.  If you’re on Twitter please do say hi - I’m most likely to follow people who jump in or say hello, plus it would be nice to ‘meet’ some more readers.  You’ll find me on Twitter @joannayoung


This is a bit of a non sequitur, but it fits with housekeeping updates.  I’ve started experimenting with Zemanta - it’s a way of finding and adding in relevant links (and other things like pictures if you want).  You’ll see the links to relevant articles listed at the end of the posts.  My normal link rules apply: I only include the link if I’ve visited the site myself and think it offers something of relevance and value to you.

Thanks to Brad Shorr for the inspiration to try Zemanta.

If You’d Like To Comment

If you’d like to comment but aren’t sure how… it’s easy and painless, I promise.  All you need to do is go to the end of the post (the article), if needs be scroll down past comments that other people have left, until you get to the box for you to leave your comment.

You’re asked for your name, your e-mail address (which isn’t revealed, it’s just to confirm you’re real), and a place where you can leave the url to your website, blog, twitter or flickr account if you have one - or just leave that bit blank.  Type your comment into the box - you’ll see it previewed underneath the box, which helps you to edit before you hit “submit”

Your comment will then show up underneath the post, alongside your picture if your e-mail is registered with Gravatar, otherwise with a pattern picture.  You have an option to sign up for e-mail notification of comments on the post (you get an e-mail each time someone adds another comment).

If you do have a blog your last post will show up after your comment with the comment luv plugin (covers most but not 100% of blogs).

I think that’s everything.  If you’d like to add your views, please do give it a try.  I’d love to hear from you.

Anything Else?

Is there anything else you’d like me to add, or take away, to improve your experience as reader, commenter, or member of the Confident Writing community?