10 More Insights Into Writing With Respect

Somehow or another it’s the last day of September already, which means it’s time to bring the theme of writing with respect to a close.  There are still a lot of ideas I’d like to explore based on the discussions we’ve had here… but I’ve run out of time to pick them up and develop them.

To conclude the theme I’d like to share some of those ideas and perspectives from members of the Confident Writing community.  Insights that have got me thinking more deeply about writing with respect, and that deserve to be pulled out of the comment box and shared with you here.

They’re talking about respect for:


I think “authenticity” in our writing and blogging is very important in showing respect to our readers! Readers want real conversation with real people, so I think it’s important that writers show respect to readers through their authenticity!

Eric Peterson from Leadership Ramblings

Other Points of View

I think that writing respectfully allows for different viewpoints and being open to other ways of thinking than your own. Being willing to see things from a fresh perspective and to embrace each others uniqueness. I enjoy the fact that not everyone will agree with all things and that when we are open and respectful, we can come together and learn and grow from our interactions with each other as a global community.

Wendi Kelly from Life’s Little Inspirations


When we write with respect for our Aloha (both our own and that of others - our readers in this context) we practice Ho‘ohanohano, conducting ourselves with distinction borne of valuing dignity and respect.

Rosa Say from Managing With Aloha Coaching

Yourself as a Writer

Straight off, one might think that writing with respect for your reader is the main goal.  But, on a deeper level, I believe that this can only come about when you first respect yourself as a writer.

Scott McIntyre


Writing with respect for writing comes to mind. We don’t need to see writers as anguished poets or on a pedestal. We are all writers. The process of writing itself is wise, wonderful, and fun.

Lori from SpaceAgeSage

Your Readers’ Minds

Another fantastic way to show respect to your readers is to always push them to think differently, deeper, and stretch their minds!

Angela Maiers from Angela Maiers.Com

Your Own Style

Writing with respect for you as a writer could mean: Don’t change your way of writing because it doesn’t seem to follow the newest trend; don’t write something you don’t stand for; don’t pretend to know more than you really do.

Ulla, from Ulla Hennig’s Blog

Your Blog Readers

I find with blogging, respect comes into play more often than we could imagine. Just as our blogs are like our homes in blogosphere, our visitors are our house guests. In real life we respect them, just as we should on our blogs.

Barbara Swafford from Blogging Without A Blog

Your Own Truth

Why do I write? I agree with Brenda Ueland’s sentiment: “… at last I understood that writing was this: an impulse to share with other people a feeling or truth that I myself had. Not to preach to them, but to give it to them if they cared to hear it. If they did not—fine. That was all right too.”  Her feeling is if we write something that’s meaningful to us we can’t lose. Also I’ve found when I’m changed by a post I’ve written, then there’s a good chance that someone else might be touched by it, too.

Jean Browman, the Cheerful Monk

Your Own Words

It’s important to be ourselves — and that includes expressing ourselves in the manner that comes naturally to us. After all, that’s part of our own personal charm.  To do otherwise would be artificial, and in the long run, our readers would see through our attempts to be something we aren’t and I believe our credibility would suffer. Being authentic is one great way we can respect our readers.

Jeanne Dininni, from Writers Notes

Thanks to everyone who’s read, stumbled, linked to and written their own posts on the theme of respect this month, as well as to all of you who take the time to comment.  All of it is much appreciated.

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  1. Brad Shorr · · Reply

    Joanna, Barbara’s philosophy resonates with me. I like to think of blogging as an intimate dinner party.

    Brad Shorrs last blog post..Turning prospects and contacts into customers and partners

  2. Karen Swim · · Reply

    Joanna, the month came to a close so quickly! I really enjoyed this theme and it was one really resonated with me and energized my writing this month. The comments above are good ones worth savoring again. I loved Scott’s advice to first respect yourself as a writer. It is so true that it begins with self, how we treat ourselves will impact how we treat others. Thanks for a great month of insight, wisdom and conversation. Can’t wait to see what October holds! :-)

    Karen Swims last blog post..Climbing the Rough Side of the Mountain

  3. Wendi Kelly · · Reply


    Can the monthe really be over? Wow that went fast. Thank you for the link. What a great group of comments to be a part of.

    You have really put a spotlight on the various ways that respect can play a part in our relationships as writers, readers, as a global community and most importantly as fellow people on this journey through life.

    Very well done. I loved it. :)

    Wendi Kellys last blog post..Remembering Pen Pals…

  4. I do like to see visitors to my blog as my guests. I hope they go away with something of a bit of value to them most of the time.

    Bos last blog post..Red Sumac

  5. Ulla Hennig · · Reply

    thank you for the quote and the link - I am proud to be in such a company! I loved the September theme and I am looking forward to October.

    Ulla Hennigs last blog post..Silence and Peace

  6. Jeanne Dininni · · Reply


    Thanks for compiling all these perspectives on writing with respect and turning them into such a thought-provoking post! What a wonderful way to wrap up your September topic — and what a terrific way to show respect for your readers/commenters!

    If you still have a lot more ideas to explore about writing with respect, though, why not carry the topic over into October? Another month spent on such an important topic would only provide that much more benefit to your readers — and I doubt that anyone would mind.

    As always, you’ve provided many fascinating insights this month!


  7. Barbara Swafford · · Reply

    Hi Joanna - What a great idea. It is true, isn’t it. When we write we should show respect for others. That’s what makes blogosphere such a great place to be part of.

    Thank you for the link love. I truly appreciate it.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..It’s All About Me - An Interview

  8. Sorry for the delay in replying everyone!

    Brad, it’s a good image isn’t it? Though maybe a dinner party that people were free to wander in and out of, saying hi and bye, or sitting down to chat, depending on their time, sometimes for a long meal, sometimes for a quick coffee before going on their way.

    Maybe there’s a project for us in here, to describe the kind of virtual hospitality we want to offer…

    Karen, I enjoyed this theme particularly because of the sense of connection and resonance with you and what you were writing. It’s great when we can bounce off each other like that!

    Bo, speaking as one of your regular visitors I’d say they definitely go away with something of value :-)

    Joannas last blog post..October Theme: Writing With Responsibility

  9. Wendi, thanks. It helped me to think about how we can expand and develop our concept of blogging too, and as with Karen it was fun writing along with you and feeling like we were so often on the same wavelength.

    Ulla, you leave so many thoughtful comments, it’s my pleasure to haul some of the best ones out of the comment box to share :-)

    Jeanne, thanks, and for the suggestion about extending the theme. I did think about it as it was such a rich seam to explore, but there is something quite satisfying too about leaving ideas and material to return to another time. Plus, strange as it might seem, I’ve got plans firming up for the rest of this year and all of 2009, so I didn’t want to run on into October!

    Barbara, it’s been great getting to know you this month and I love linking out to your blog - so much learning there for all of us, on lots of different levels.


    Joannas last blog post..October Theme: Writing With Responsibility

  10. SpaceAgeSage -- Lori · · Reply

    What fun reading — thanks for compiling this and for using my words, too. I certainly like how you find different aspects of writing to delve into and explore.


    SpaceAgeSage — Loris last blog post..Fall’s memories, melancholy, and magic

  11. Jeanne Dininni · · Reply


    That makes perfect sense. You certainly are quite the planner, aren’t you — planning your topics that far in advance!

  12. Lori, doing the round up of words at the end is one of the best bit of the themes. So many rich ideas in this little comment box!

  13. Sometimes, it’s not easy to find our own identity and being ourself, Joanna.

    Although you might be feeling that you’re going to lose the direction in the middle of no way…Don’t worry! Just take a deep breath and everything will be fined afterward ;)

    By the way, a very nice and informative post as usual ;)

    wilsons last blog post..Your Children Are Allergy with Egg Products?

  14. wilson, you’re right it’s not always easy to stay true to ourselves. I do believe that writing can help us to do just that though.Luckily :-)

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