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Tune Into The Calm Space

It’s the 1st of the month, which means that the latest issue of the Calm Space is out.

This month’s theme is Tuning In including some great contributions on listening to what your stuff is telling you and tuning into the melody of life.

My article in the Writing Space asks Are You Tuned In To The Power Of Your Own Words?

Because although the apparent purpose of your writing might be to produce material of value to other people, you might be surprised at how often you write something that has the greatest significance not for your readers but for yourself.

It’s like a quiet knock from your unconscious mind, a soft but insistent whisper: this is what you needed to say, to write, to remember. This is the message you needed to hear.

The Calm Space is published as a monthly magazine on the 1st day of each month. You can subscribe by RSS (or e-mail) - or just bookmark the site and dip in and out to enjoy the articles as the month goes by.

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  1. Karen Swim
    Twitter: karenswim

    Happy August 1st Joanna! You are so right, sometimes we write not realizing that we are the intended audience. I had a moment like that yesterday. Writing from my heart freed me to process and move on. I can’t wait to read the Calm Space. Thanks Joanna for the reminder!


  2. Joanna Young
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Karen, I’m glad you got that kind of benefit from writing the piece. It was a beautiful piece of writing.

    Meantime I’ve been enjoying going back through my archives as I tidy up before my move to WordPress. Keep on finding things I’d forgotten I’d written - and need to re-remember the lesson!