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Smooth Crossings

Smooth Crossings

Well, I made it safely to the other side. After a week of terrible rainy weather in Edinburgh, the day of my move dawned fair… and stayed dry all day. The crossing over the water was soft and smooth - a beautiful welcome and introduction to my new home. I’ve been busy over… Continue reading

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8 From The Archives To Help You Free Your Words

I’m going to be off-line for a week or so now while I move house. In the meantime I’ve looked out some favourite posts from the Confident Writing archives that might help you free your words: Write for yourself: throw your caution to the wind, write for yourself, for your pleasure and enjoyment, the words [...]

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Transmission Problems

Grrr.  Some kind of gremlins have crept into my connected up world.  I was anticipating problems after I moved while I got the new connections sorted out (and I do expect to be off air for a week or two) but for the last few days everything has s-l-o-w-e-d   r-i-g-h-t   d-o-w-n… meaning I’ve been [...]

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30 Things I Didn’t Know Before I Started Blogging

Blogging comes with a steep learning curve. When you start there’s a thousand things you don’t know. When you’ve been blogging for 18 months you realise there’s a thousand more. I can’t quite decide when I started blogging. I got my first peek into this mysterious world when my son wrote a blog during a [...]

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Quotes On Writing And Freedom #5: Personal Freedom

Quote on writing as a form of personal freedom.

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