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8 From The Archives To Help You Free Your Words

I’m going to be off-line for a week or so now while I move house. In the meantime I’ve looked out some favourite posts from the Confident Writing archives that might help you free your words:

Write for yourself: throw your caution to the wind, write for yourself, for your pleasure and enjoyment, the words that come to you, that tell your story, that talk of who you are

When You Can’t Find Your Voice

“Oh, but I’m not a writer” I hear people say. What does that matter? Neither am I. It’s what you write, what you say, what you do with your power that counts. I know a lot of professional writers who know how to turn a trick - but not how to breathe fire.

How To Become A Fire Breathing Writing Dragon

You may never learn what impact you’ve had, what difference you’ve made. But your words contain power. Your writing has the power to change things. You’ve written with the intention to make a difference - and that is the difference you make.

Do You Realise The Power Of Your Words?

This is what powerful writing means to me. The decision to write, to leave a mark, to make a difference. To release, to realize the power of our own words.

Have A Little Faith In The Power Of Your Own Voice

The possibilities of playing, exploring and experimenting through digital photography - and the chance to get feedback and encouragement through networking sites like Flickr - give us all the chance to dive in: to test the water, to experiment, to see what works.

10 Writing Reasons To Take More Photographs

A heightened sense of thankfulness and appreciation makes you notice the taste, feel, smell, colour of an experience. Working that sensory experience into your words makes your writing more vivid, and forges a strong sense of connection with your reader.

12 Reasons To Enjoy Writing With Gratitude

I thought about writing with purpose, and what I’d say to someone who was trying to write something creative and found themselves in the same tangled knot. I’d say find the positive purpose. A purpose that might be for other people - a gift, a lesson, a thanks - but didn’t require or depend on their approval. And then focus on that positive intention.

How Purpose Beats The Inner Critic

And I started to wonder: isn’t this what we mean by writing with confidence?  Adding your twists, your words, your way. Your signature tune. Your writing bling.  And don’t we just love it when you do?

Bling Writing

Oh and don’t forget the 2 e-books I’ve published with compilations of writing and one-liners from the Confident Writing community:

The Courage To Hear Yourself Sing

Powerful Writing In 30 Words Or Less

I won’t be around to answer comments for a while, but look forward to rejoining the conversation when I get back.

See you on the other side!

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  1. Shari Smothers says:

    Thanks for this post. This is a great resource that you’ve put together. I hope everything goes quite smoothly with your move.

    Shari Smotherss last blog post..out of focus: the value of a rested mind

  2. Cath Lawson says:

    Hi Joanna - thanks for reminding us of these great resources and good look with the move. See you on the other side.

  3. DebMc says:

    Great articles. As a photographer, I appreciate the 10 reasons to take more photos. Anything that makes us stop and pay attention is a good thing. Plus, the habit will give interesting detail to our writing.

    Happy moving! Whether cyber or real life, moving is a chore.

    DebMcs last blog post..Contest!

  4. Karen Putz says:

    Happy settling down- enjoy your new place!

  5. Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Thanks for the good wishes everyone. They were much appreciated as I made the transition to the new place.

    Deb - I agree so much about the value of taking photos. It’s helping me to pay so much more attention, to slow down and appreciate things more. It’s a wonderful way to feed our creativity isn’t it?


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