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Guest Post At The Middle Zone

I’m guest writing at the Middle Zone today.

As befits the Zone, it’s in the form of a story. Here’s a short extract from ‘The Obstacles In Your Path’:

I walk, fast, though not so fast as to draw attention to myself. Heart beats faster.

“Hrmmmph” blows the bull through his nostrils.

Is he talking to me?

I daren’t look up. Looking down I notice my bright red rain jacket. I surreptitiously pull it off – does this make it more or less likely I’ll be noticed? I stuff it into my bag. Is that waving a red rag in bull speak?

I walk faster. How quickly can I get through that gate before he decides to come after me? Can he barge through the gate? How will I get to safety?

Hop over to the Zone to find out what happens next!

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