5 Essential Ingredients In My Ideal Writing Weekend

These things would definitely feature in my ideal writing weekend:

A journey: probably across water, which might be across the Firth of Clyde or the other side of the mighty Atlantic! A journey signals to my unconscious mind that new possibilities are opening up

A feast for the senses
: whether that’s bright colours, new food to try, the sounds of street life in an Italian port, walking in the soft sweet rain on a highland moor… sensory delights wake up my writing senses

Writing prompts: Although I’m stubbornly independent and like to do my own thing, I do recognise the value of some writing prompts (to write on a particular twist of a theme, to a word count, with a time limit, in a different form) to get my creative juices going

Feedback: from thoughtful, generous, constructive people who really pay attention to what you’ve written, what’s of value in it… and what it represents to you - can make a big difference

Space: That includes creating the space to get away for the ideal weekend, and to switch off from normal concerns, but I’d also want enough time and space to walk off and do my own thing, read, write, not write, soak up experiences that I could write about later

Those seem like essential ingredients of an ideal writing weekend to me.  How about you?

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  1. Brad Shorr · · Reply

    You’ve made a writing weekend sound very appealing! I like the idea of space. It’s not easy to find space for quiet reflection at home. I find myself continually distracted by chores, errands, telephones … .

  2. It’s very easy to get distracted at home isn’t it? Though I have read that some people unplug their phones when they want to work in peace… (don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone)


  3. Lillie Ammann · · Reply

    You’ve described the elements of a great writing weekend. Ideally the journey would be to a far-away place, but even a trip down the street can create that sense of leaving the old and entering the new.

  4. Lillie, you’re right it can - especially if we manage our state and ‘tell ourselves’ that we’re going somewhere different and new.

    But there is something about an actual journey - even the hassle of tickets and bags and checking in and wondering if you’re in the right place and then relaxing into the movement and letting the boat or plane or train transport you… which changes things. In my ideal weekend anyway :-)


  5. John Hewitt · · Reply

    I like the feast for the senses. it is good to engage all the senses. A pretty place is nice, but a place that also smells good, feels comfortable, sounds pleasant and has plenty of tasty treats really fits the bill.

  6. Jean Browman--Cheerful Monk · · Reply

    I don’t have trouble concentrating in our small apartment…I’m great at tuning things out. My problem is getting myself to take time away from the computer to do housework and other chores. I’m a visual thinker, so looking at photos from Flickr is one easy way to get me started. I also read other people’s posts to see what stirs me up, and I often write comments there in addition to being stimulated to pursue a topic in more detail on my own sites. But once I have a general topic I try to find the picture(s) I’ll use. Once I have a topic and picture, and often a quote or two, it’s just a matter of playing around until I learn something by trying to turn my ideas into a post.

    I don’t worry about whether or not the post is any good. If I’ve learned something it’s a success.

    It’s a great life. I can’t imagine anything I would rather be doing.

  7. Jean, thanks so much for sharing those parts of your writing process. That sounds fairly ideal! I remember you saying before that you used photos as a way to prompt your writing - it sounds like a fascinating way to work, and obviously one that helps you to learn, reflect and write creatively.


  8. For me the writing would have to be a place that I am somewhat familiar with, otherwise I would spend all my time exploring. I love the idea of a cabin in the woods - with electricity for my computer, but no internet access (I am too easily distracted). An enclosed screened in porch would be great to be able to type somewhat in the wilderness without fighting for the keyboard with the bugs who always appear to believe the story they are trying to tell is more important than mine. I would have other writers there with some writing challenges - short challenges that allow us to get back to our own masterpieces.

  9. Bill, thanks for sharing those ingredients. The idea of a cabin in the woods sounds most intriguing - though I think it would be hard not to go off exploring whether you were familiar with the area or not!


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