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A round up of recent comments.  I’m wishing now I’d started compiling these earlier… but maybe I’ll find the time to keep adding to them now (?!)

If you read my post, you’ll get that I’m a real fan of Joanna’s blog. She offers superb advice on writing technique, but what really distinguishes her blog for me is how inspiring it is. When I’m in a rut and every word starts to look the same, Joanna reminds me of how wonderful and necessary the art of writing truly is.

Brad Shorr, Word Sell

Confident Writing’s Joanna Young is also upfront about the fact that she is offering her services as a writing coach. Her main, stated goal is to turn people into more confident writers, and she does so with a mix of practical advice and “Yes You Can” encouragement. Her posts each month run along positive emotional themes , which keeps the posts focused. The fact that she can weave so many elements into the basic premise of writing with confidence is impressive. - first round of March writing blog madness

Writer coach and blogger Joanna Young: It’s been awhile since I took a writing class, but no professor ever covered the subject like Joanna at If there is an angle or dynamic to either writing, the writing process, or connecting with readers, this woman has a handle on it. Her heart is as big as her knowledge base. She is the first blogger who linked to my blog. This was a milestone for me that came at just the right time to keep my writing coming from my heart.

(Space Age Sage)

Looking to bring more confidence and creativity to writing as an art, Joanna Young is a longtime blogging friend & SOBCon08 alumnus. As a writing coach and an author herself, Joanna has helped many find their unique voice to tell their stories. Constantly exploring new social media tools to further her goals and message, Joanna is a top-notch supporter of the written word

Rick Mahn’s round up of blogs he reads the most

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