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Creating The Space To Ask Questions: Asking Questions With A Purpose Part II

I’ve realised this series on questions is going to turn into a 5 parter, never mind a 3 or a 4. Here’s a quick addition before I get into the purposeful part of the questions. I’ve decided to add this one in because: I was stuck, and realised this bit was getting in the way [...]

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How To Ask Purposeful Questions: Introducing a 3 Part Series

“The important thing is not to stop questioning” (Albert Einstein) Asking questions is seen as an important part of a blog writers’ toolbox. You’ll find plenty of advice ‘out there’ on asking questions as part of a strategy to generate comments and conversation. You’ll also find lots of posts that finish by asking a question [...]

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Taking Stock Of Writing With Purpose

Taking Stock Of Writing With Purpose

I’m half way through the six week slot on writing with purpose, which seems like a good point to take stock of where things are, and what’s what. Liz Strauss also got me thinking about the value of status reports to let you (friends, readers, customers, colleagues) know what was happening on a blog both [...]

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Why I’m Proud To Be A Blogging Dork

I put a lot of time and energy into comment writing, both here and in other blogs that I read and visit, so I was interested to check out the latest comment writing advice from Daily Blog Tips: 7 Things To Avoid While Leaving A Blog Comment Most of the suggestions were things I’d read [...]

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On What It Means “To Blog”: Reader Definitions

There was such a good discussion here recently about what we mean by “blogging” (70 Million Definitions Of Blog And Counting) that I thought a follow up post was in order. In particular I wanted to share some of your definitions of blogging and the ways you describe or explain blogs to non-bloggers. Definitions Of [...]

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