How To Send Balloons Across The Atlantic

That was the challenge Liz Strauss set her readers yesterday, and I was the lucky recipient of the balloons!

The Monday creativity challenge was this: Can You Get The Balloons To Joanna Young?

Two Roberts were quick off the mark with an e-mail from Robert Hruzek and a link via Stumble Upon (after some prompting from Scott) from Robert Henru: sorry I don’t know who was first ‘cos I was doing other things while you were busy sending me balloons!

We had some more creative imaginings from Dianne who wondered if migrating birds could help (not to mention getting some benefit enjoyment from the balloons along the way) and Anna who coined a new term for her method of delivery: whale mail. (Sounds like it’d be environmentally friendly too!)

Barbara Ling (aka Owlbert) posted the link to the balloon challenge, with a cup of tea thrown in (we share virtual tea and coffee most mornings on Twitter)

Jon Swanson rounded off the balloon offerings by sending me a photo of his computer, with his screen set to work on the challenge.

But that wasn’t the end of my gifts: Lori (aka Space Age Sage) sent me not a balloon but a piece of writing inspired by the challenge (how did she know I’d love words as a gift?).

It was a piece of writing on writing from Brian Andreas (you’ll find more at StoryPeople)

I thought you’d enjoy it too:

Often, I write all day long with white ink on white paper, late into the night, until it is all I can do to feel the letters curving to earth from the tip of the pen & then, I fall asleep. Dreaming of
running, or maybe driving in a car the color of water & I wake the next day remembering nothing & I gather the stack of paper & a pen of black on the desk in front of me & the words begin to dance over the page like long legged insects across a still lake & the words in white whisper behind & underneath the new day. If there is any secret to this life I live, this is it: the sound of what cannot be seen sings within everything that can. & there is nothing more to
it than that.
~ Brian Andreas ~

My day of gifts and gratitude ended with this gorgeous photograph from Rosa Say, who had been, like me, looking for a way to say thanks for our 12 months of friendship.

I think you’ll enjoy sharing this one too.

Ka pua Joanna mae ‘ole i ka l?

Ka pua Joanna mae ‘ole i ka l?

Thank you everyone for helping to create a memorable Monday, full of wonderful gifts.

Photo Credits:

Ka pua Joanna mae ‘ole i ka l? by Rosa Say on flickr