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May 26, 2008

What's The Main Focus For Your Writing? Reader Survey

Here's a nice easy question for a holiday Monday (for many of us anyway).

What's the main focus for your writing? 

Either the writing you're currently doing - or the writing that you want to be doing.

Knowing more about your focus will help me coach and write with purpose here. 

I've set up an online survey to gather and learn from the results.  It'll only take 30 seconds of your time - there's only one question.

Click here to take part in the reader survey

I'll share the results later.  Many thanks.

Joanna Young, The Confident Writing Coach
Because our words count

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Done :-)

Heading over right now!

Last month Roland shared an old latino quote that says "When you have a dream the entire universe conspires to make it happen." (loose translation) How true I am finding this to be. As I read On Writing (thanks for the recommendation and excellent service from the writing store) I pondered the very question you asked in today's post. I have an answer, a clear and sure answer that I will share in the survey. I am looking forward to the results and the posts. Thank you Joanna for conspiring to help my dreams come true.


Amy, Debbie, thank you :-)

Karen, wow! I wasn't expecting this kind of response. Just goes to show how much power questions can have. Not to mention dreams :-) I'm glad you have found an answer. Can't wait to hear more.


I voted self expression. Writing comes from deep within.

Hi Bamboo Forest, and thanks for taking part in the survey.

I agree with you that writing comes from deep within, and I think whatever the focus for our writing, we're still expressing some of that: giving name to it, and learning from it.


Joanna, this is a great way to find more info about your readers' needs! It'll be fun to see what you learn.

Well you know me Robyn, I'm always looking for ways to stretch and learn :-)

Looking forward to dipping into the results, then sharing them here.


Joanna, your simply survey has tumbled me into a fit of self-reflection. I answered you honestly, fully aware that it is not the answer it should be for me to my own definition of "should."

Now to reckon with what I will do about that.

I agree with Rosa ... your survey has made me stop and think, Joanna, something I have been needing to do for a while. Thank you!

I couldn't honestly tick any of your options. At first I was unsettled and frustrated with myself, because at any other point in time this year, I would have been able to tick at least one. I had to admit that the problem is I have no focus at the moment (and am really not sure what happened to it!)

Sorry, Joanna, that's probably not a very helpful answer for your survey, but it was a very helpful kick up the bum for me. Where I want my focus to lie is in using my writing to have a positive effect in people's lives ... unlikely with such rotten grammar! lol Have rearranged that sentence three times. It's very (very!)late and my brain has given up for the day, but I really wanted to thank you for such a thought-provoking question.


Rosa, I never imagined this survey would get so many of you thinking so hard! As I said to Karen, we shouldn't underestimate the power of questions...

Hope your self-reflection takes you somewhere good :-)


Dianne, you are a ray of sunshine whatever the grammar!

I'm glad the survey gave you cause to stop and reflect. Setting your purpose as having a positive effect on people's lives is a very powerful one indeed.

And you do.


We love writing, so that's what we write about. Makes sense to us. Like most folks, we know a lot about a lot, but we know most about writing.

Hi David, hope you got a chance to take part in the survey when you were here :-)

Is there a particular focus for your writing about writing, or a drive behind it?


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