VoiceThread Conversation On Writing With Purpose

I’m still exploring the best ways to use audio, podcasts and other media like VoiceThread as part of the conversation here.

I learned from an experiment with VoiceThread on Joyful Jubilant Learning that you can create a powerful sense of connection through voice, that interesting and meaningful conversations can emerge, but that they also a need a bit of time to run, to give people the chance to share their point of view.

So as an experiment I’m going to run an open-ended VoiceThread conversation here for the duration of the writing with purpose theme.  I’ve left it deliberately open, to give you the chance to share any thoughts and perspectives on whether (and how) purpose plays a part in the way that you write, and whether (and how) purpose or intention changes the way the words come out…

To join the conversation, press the ‘play’ button (the arrow in the centre of the screen) to hear my introduction and question-prompts.  To share your thoughts press “record” to record through the mic on your machine, “type” to type a comment, the picture of a phone to leave a message by phone, or video camera by video.  You do need to be signed up with VoiceThread - it’s free, just requires an e-mail and password.