Powerful Writing In 30 Words Or Less: Part IV

14 May, 2008 Posted by Joanna As Group Writing Projects

This is the fourth and final round up of your contributions to this question:

What does powerful writing mean to you? In 30 words or less.

Some are borrowed from posts inspired by the powerful writing theme so they don’t quite ‘fit’ the 30 words format - but were too good not to include. Some are deliciously brief. Others creep over the 30 word limit - but tell a story worth including.

Powerful writing touches the spirit of the person reading…and compels them to proactively make a change for the better.
Owlbert aka Barbara Ling

Hopkins’ words describing a simple trip into the woods ring with truth. They transcend time. They are powerful and yet they are simultaneously humble.
Amy Palko: If You Go Down To The Woods Today

Powerful writing makes me pause, then stop and not do what I had intended to do next, simply because I want to think - hard - about what I have just read.
Bo at Garden Grow

Realize what you are capable of when letting your imagination flow. Just flow, like a winding river of consciousness, through your humanity, out into the world.
Rick Mahn

Powerful writing can fill your wallet, change lives and move your soul all at once. :)
Wendy Piersall

As sought by the writer, powerful writing moves the reader to tears, or understanding or to action.

Powerful writing reveals the depth of the writer’s character, so I can see beyond the words and into his or her heart.
Terry Starbucker

Simply: writing which moves me. Even if I end up hating something it still had the power to make me feel.

Words combining perfectly, letters and energy melding into flawless art. The passion of the creator defines powerful writing; the impact immediate, the beauty not easily forgotten.
Glenn at Globalized: Powerful Writing

Powerful writing cuts right through psychological noise, grips our attention, and points straight. Staight like an arrow to its target. It becomes like a tuning fork for the reader. It enhances a pure tone that resonates equally with the reader.
Nick Betten

Powerful writing is something that grabs my heart in its strong fist and squeezes tight.
It penetrates my defences, it stirs me up, it inspires me to action, it rocks my soul.
Karen Wallace

Powerful writing reflects the heart, mind and soul
Jason Slater

Powerful writing is writing which stirs me to think about something in a way that I hadn’t thought about before and stretches me to be more than I was.
Wendi Kelly

Powerful writing gathers up all my whirling, passionate thoughts, captures them between the covers of a book, and makes me say, “I wish I could have said it that way.”

Powerful writing
Strong words turn worlds ‘round

Powerful writing cannot leave my heart alone—it wrings tears, tickles belly laughs, stirs up angry outbursts, scoops out empathetic yearnings, yanks up indignant huffs, squeezes creative juices.

Powerful writing makes me want to do something, be something, say something, write something that I cannot now but, because of what was written, am certain I someday will.

4 contributions from Amy Van Huisen - thanks Amy

As roaring lions or purring kittens, words of power make our emotions and minds stir in ways the heart will not ignore.
Space Age Sage

Bonfire or flickering votive, shine on.
Diane Cordell: This Little Light Of Mine

Thanks everyone for your contributions, definitions, ideas and suggestions. I’m working on a compilation of all of them and hope to publish this in the next few days.

Joanna Young, The Confident Writing Coach
Because our words count

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amypalko May 14, 2008

I think this has been a very em-powering exercise, Joanna. To contribute a tweet and then have it validated in this way is a great confidence boost, and your readers/followers have clearly embraced the opportunity. What is remarkable is how many of these brief definitions actually embody the theme themselves as perfectly concise demonstrations of powerful writing at work.
Great stuff!

Brad ShorrNo Gravatar May 14, 2008

Another fabulous collection, Joanna. These micro collaborations show the true power of blogs to collect and distribute wisdom.

Joanna YoungNo Gravatar May 14, 2008

Amy, you’re right about the power of validation. It’s something I try and do as much as I can :-)
Brad, it’s quite something isn’t it? I’m looking forward to seeing the final compilation - and in chunks of <30 words it should also be easy to read.


Mother EarthNo Gravatar May 14, 2008

i don’t feel poetic here…just commenting.

I have always had something to say, a viewpoint to share, or a way something makes me feel - the written word gives me platform and offers those ideas to others.

wow 30 words on the dime - that’s fascinating

Joanna YoungNo Gravatar May 15, 2008

Thanks for the 30 word comment Karen - better watch out, it’s a form that’s quite catching!


Barbara LIng May 16, 2008

Thanks for gathering them all together in one spot - I really enjoyed this list!


Joanna YoungNo Gravatar May 16, 2008

Good - and this is only part of them! Rest following very soon.


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