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Powerful Writing From “Crazy Monkey” Rodney King

13 May, 2008 Posted by Joanna As Coaching
Crazy Monkey

Crazy Monkey

Rodney King is a martial arts trainer and life coach, also known as (with cult status too as far as I can tell) the founder of the Crazy Monkey Defense System.

I got to know Rodney when he asked me to do a bit of coaching with him about the contents of his blog.

I was instantly hooked into his work: hooked through the power of his words and the power of his story.

Here’s an extract from his ‘about’ page:

When I was young I lived with uncontrollable fear. In later years I learned to stand up for myself and my fear turned into anger and rage. I spent well over ten years fighting at any and every opportunity. If it wasn’t in the ring, it was in my own gym or outside the doors of some of Johannesburg’s roughest nightclubs as a doorman

Once I was on a spiraling road to destruction. Now I find myself working with world champion athletes to become the best they can be in the ring. I have consulted with Special Force Military Units to teach them mental skills and help them implement a a winning performance mental game for the battlefield. I have acted as a performance coach for countless CEOs, business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs to find their center of power, to manage their fear, anger and frustration and to help them develop into Embodied-Warriors for the boardroom.

After a few weeks Rodney asked me to help edit his forthcoming book: a manual for the worldwide network of coaches who teach his martial arts GAME approach. We finished the editing after a few intensive weeks of work and I’m delighted to say the book’s now available for sale.

I’d recommend it as a read for coaches whatever your focus - you don’t need to be involved in the martial arts to learn from this book. It certainly made me think a lot about the model for my own coaching business and the difference (and interplay) between teaching, coaching and the environment you create for students and clients to learn in.

I was also delighted to read this review of the book: I’ve grabbed some of the words that stood out to me (as editor):

a quick read; informal and conversational; frank and direct; accessible and thought provoking; effeciently presents a tremendous depth of thought (yes!); logical and compelling

Rodney has also agreed that I can share his first reaction on reading the results of my editing.

At first I noticed that almost 50 pages were cut away. I was a little bit freaked to be honest. But as I worked through it, I realized you’d done something really important. You kept the message but did away with all the inessentials. So while the book is a whole lot less, the content is still very ‘thick’, if that makes any sense.

What I think you have done is made it way more reader friendly. Not only that it is something that any martial arts coach can read in a morning. I think this is important - especially for quick turn around in implementation. I don’t want to sound elitist, but many martial arts coaches have to be threatened with bodily harm to read something. This format will work perfectly for them.

I think it makes for a pretty powerful testimonial, so thanks for letting me share it.

Rodney, it was a blast working with you. I wish you every success with the sales of the book and look forward to working with you on the next writing project.

If you would like some help completing a book you’re working on click here to find out how to work with me. I can help in a number of ways including motivational coaching to help you complete your work and powerful editing to make sure your message shines through.

Joanna Young, The Confident Writing Coach
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Debbie YostNo Gravatar May 13, 2008

Wow, Joanna, that’s pretty impressive. I agree with what Rodney said. When I originally write something I often put more details in than necessary. I have to go back and get rid of the inessentials. For my blog this not only makes the post less intimidating for us with not a lot of time to read a long post but it helps get the point across in a much more precise manner.

Joanna YoungNo Gravatar May 13, 2008

Debbie, that’s so true - it makes for a more powerful point, and does our readers a great service. Writing with a readers’ eyes is a very effective reminder to get to the point!


Karen SwimNo Gravatar May 13, 2008

Joanna, thanks for sharing Rodney’s work and testimony. I love the parallels you have drawn and plan to get and read this book. Congratulations on a job well done!

Joanna YoungNo Gravatar May 13, 2008

Karen, it was one of those wonderful jobs where you feel you are getting as much from your client as vice versa!

Thanks once again for your encouragement and support.


Mother EarthNo Gravatar May 13, 2008

very cool to see your work in action joanna and to also see the inside view of a client.

SpaceAgeSageNo Gravatar May 13, 2008

As a third degree black belt and senior instructor, I always appreciate when someone moves beyond “the fight” and into self improvement and teaching others through the many life-changing lessons of the martial arts.

I had to laugh about the cutting of 50 pages. Such is the nature of writing concisely!

Lillie AmmannNo Gravatar May 13, 2008

Congratulations, Joanna and Rodney. It sounds like you made a great team.

Cutting out 50 pages reminds me of the Elmore Leonard quote: “I leave out the parts people skip.”

Joanna YoungNo Gravatar May 14, 2008

Karen (H) thanks - applying SobCon lessons… thanks for noticing :-)
SpaceAgeSage it makes for a great read - a personal journey, and a way of applying these powerful lessons in business and in life as well as on the mat. Sounds like you’ve already figured that out though :-0

Lillie, funny I just saw that quote yesterday. It’s a good one isn’t it, and a powerful thought to hold on to while editing. Rodney was / is a brilliant client to work with, including e-mailing me with plans for his next book the day after we signed off on this one!


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