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May 24, 2008

Did You Miss These Posts?

In case you missed them... or didn't have time to read them first time round, some links to things I've been writing here and elsewhere.

Over at Joyful Jubilant Learning this month we're looking at what we've learned from the movies.  My piece was on what I learned about narratives, hero myths and storytelling:

Story told on a huge, heroic scale.

All of which means that every time I hear the music, see a movie clip, or settle down once again to watch the opening sequence roll...I'm lost again.

Falling into that remembered sense of possibility and adventure. The call to action.  The invitation to set off and explore this wondrous universe.

It was inspired by all my all time favourite movie.  But what was the film?  You'll need to head over there to find out.  I wonder if, like Robert Hruzek, you'll be floored by the answer...

The focus at The Calm Space this month is on balance.  My contribution was on how to keep our writing feet on the ground.

As I reflect on the purpose theme here it was a good reminder to me that there are times when we need to set aside purpose and write for its own sake, for the connection writing can give us back to the present moment, back to our selves.

Writing - personal writing in your own writing space - is a simple way to reconnect back to the present moment. To feel and to write the way you feel now, never mind the whys and wherefores. To let some stuff go and just… be.

Last but not least here's a reposting of the round up of one-liners on 'what does powerful writing mean to you?'

It's a compilation of contributions from the Confident Writing community - that's all of you! Published in an e-book 'Powerful Writing In 30 Words Or Less'

The e-book is free to download, though I am asking for a donation in return to an educational charity, MAD About Art.  You'll find out more on the post.  Thanks to everyone who's made a donation so far.

Joanna Young, The Confident Writing Coach
Because our words count


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Joanna, I somehow missed The Calm Space posting! Thanks for re-posting what you've been up to. By the way, I started reading On Writing today and am thoroughly enjoying it, and have been sorely tempted to put it down and finish up my own story. Thank you Joanna for the recommendation and all of the great posts. ;-)

Hi Karen

Well I think I forgot to post the link first time round - and here it is nearly the 1st of June! (It comes out monthly, 1st of the month)

I'm glad you're enjoying On Writing. It's a rip-roaring read isn't it? And definitely makes you want to pick up the pen and write.


PS But have you watched Star Wars yet ? :-)

Joanna, some day we're going to have to sit down over a spot of tea and discuss the Universal Ramifications of the themes in Star Wars!

Robert, it's a deal!


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