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May 07, 2008

Are You Ready To Share Your Voice On The Web?

One of the competitions at SobCon was an advert for your blog using video, audio and pictures through Utterz. 

You can see the winning entry here - just takes a minute or two and it's creative, inventive and fun.  (If you're curious, the other entries are posted here.)  Congratulations to the winner Jen Knoedl.

I didn't enter because I didn't have time or a video camera (though I've just ordered a webcam so things might start to change...)

The competition made me think about the power of using our own voice to tell our story (of our business, or values, or way of looking at the world).

There's more and more multi-media out there now, and in line with web principles of transparency and authenticity that's probably going to mean a challenge to start sharing our voices and moving heads as well as our words and for some of us, our pictures.

I know a lot of people who are reluctant to do this - because of (perceived) technical barriers, because they don't like the sound of their own voice, because they haven't had the feedback (yet) that their voice is a powerful asset, and can perhaps make all the difference.

I'm interested in ways that we can work through these barriers - knowing more about what they are, and what kind of things would help.

Partly because I think I can help with some of it (especially the confidence part) and partly because I might need some help in breaking the video blogging barrier...

So what do you think?  Are you ready to share your voice on the web?  And if not, what would help you to get there?

Joanna Young, The Confident Writing Coach
Because our words count


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This video deserved to win for the way she sets up the final tagline. Brilliant!

This is certainly something to think about. I think people like seeing video. It somehow makes them feel closer to the person on the other end.

Stephen, it was a creative & intelligent post wasn't it? The whole competition gave me a lot of ideas for how (and how not) to do this kind of thing.

Debbie, you're right - I've already enjoyed seeing some of yours.


Good grief, Joanna, you just now got me to thinking about audio, and now this! Aack! (runs and hides in the basement)

I might just have to try the audio thing, though. Gimme time... :-\

And there was me just writing a post and asking an innocent question...

You don't think I construct my posts to try and help people do the things they really want to do... do you? :-)


you were taken by jen's message too, eh? I am on the fence about video - part of it parallels " in your face " like a commercial-ism, yet so many of the mini clips i see from utube touch me - I don't know.

The commercial I made - I actually made part of it by hand, took a more organic route.I chose that because it's more me but like you I didn't have the vehicle to do video - it was more how can I participate and solve that challenge

Karen, I'm impressed you took part at all - I just gave up. I know what you mean about the videos, I found some of them a bit rah, rah, rah, but I do think it's a skill we at least need to learn and then decide how to use.

I ordered the webcam to try out video conferencing, but who knows, I might make a video one day, of something or other!

Hope you're okay


Joanna! You are too SWEET! I just figured out how to use this "wordpress link back" thing and I came here!

Your blog is beautiful and so are YOU!

Jen, glad you figured out the links and found yourself here!

It was great meeting you last week, and I enjoyed both your video and the wicked dance presentation. Like I said, despite (or because of) the lack of slides, it's the one that's stuck with me the most.


Joanna, I was asked by Elance to do a business promotion video when they first launched video for providers. I had to borrow a camera, learn how to use it, figure out what to wear and tape myself. It was filled with comic error and I hated the final product but many clients have chosen me because of that video effort. The three dimensional aspect does not have to be perfect for people to feel the connection. I plan to soon get a flip video and mix in vblogging with writing. I will hold your hand if you jump first. ;-)

Karen, you are so lovely. I love the part about full of comic error!

But this is so true: "The three dimensional aspect does not have to be perfect for people to feel the connection. "

In fact, to create rapport it's probably better if it's *not* perfect, because we see you're human, someone just like me.

Thanks for offer of encouragement and help. May just take you up on it :-)


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