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April 18, 2008

Thank You

I'm really not someone who likes to blow their own trumpet, but I just have to tell you about this so I can thank you all for the part you played.  Having got through the first round of the Writing Blog Madness I found myself less than totally confident at being pitched against Copyblogger in Round 2...

This round's focus was on value added for writers plus comments, community and conversation.  I won't rehash the match analysis (you can check it out here) but Confident Writing managed to "pull off the upset with a narrow 12-11 victory".

I do want to highlight the comments on the comments though, as that's the part where all of you come in.

Confident Writing has approximately 1.5% of the subscriber base that Copyblogger has, but gets about 20% of the comments that Copyblogger does (at least for the last 10 articles).

The article seemed to strike a cord with her readers, encouraging them to discuss their own experiences with work.

The article provoked some introspective comments from her community as they contemplated their choices.

The Confident Writing community also seems to perk up when the topic drifts a little.

I particularly liked that last comment.  Do you want me to drift more? :-)

Anyway, thanks everyone for helping me to this sweet blogging milestone. 



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Those are some pretty impressive comments. Congratulations! I'm not quite sure what they mean by "topics drift" but sounds like you should drift a little more. Just stay you and we'll all be happy.

Congratulations Joanna :)

Haven't spoken to you in ages but still subscribed to the feed & it's great to see how well you are doing.

Hi Debbie, it was in reference to my working in a sweet shop post... which attracted a whole host of great comments. I guess drifting is what happens when we go off topic a bit, or share things that are a bit more personal. Of course that's often what people respond to the most...

I'll take the advice to just staying me, thank you :-)

Fraser, how nice to hear from you! Sorry I haven't spoken to you in ages either, that 8am start is just proving beyond me... Thanks for the congrats and for taking the time to drop by.


Joanna, I was thrilled about the win. In my mind the community aspect speaks volumes about the talent of the blog's author. You are a gracious hostess who warmly invites us in and I'm glad that the word is now officially out! I like that you stay the course but I suppose "drifting" on occasion mixes it up a little. I didn't notice the drift but then I'm on the boat and just happy to be sailing along with you. You have done great work and it is fitting that you have reached yet another milestone in your anniversary month. Yay Joanna!

If there's one thing I hate, it's being tied too tightly to one particular spot! Hey, if drifting a little from your overall theme works (without losing sight of it, mind you), then why not go for it?

Your theme should always be your anchor, but give yourself enough rope to ride the waves without pulling it loose.

Keep doin' what you're doin' Joanna! We're with ya! :-D

Thanks Karen and Robert for your support (not to mention all your comments which helped me to here). I like your points on purpose / drift. I agree it would get dull if we stuck too tightly to script - and much more likely to get stuck in broadcast mode.

"Your theme should always be your anchor, but give yourself enough rope to ride the waves without pulling it loose"

This is good advice Robert, cheers - and congrats on your own milestone today


Way to go, Joanna. You've really developed a wonderful ability to attract quality comments and conversations to your blog, which is one reason I enjoy it so much.

Thanks Brad. It's turned out to be what I enjoy the most too :-)


Congrats! I'm so thrilled that you were recognized for the wonderful sense of community you've built and nurtured here.

And beating Copyblogger... you're an A lister now!

Thanks Yvonne. It was fun to win this round but you know I have absolutely no desire to be an A-lister!


Joanna, I'm thrilled that you pulled ahead for the voting. Goes to show that building a community is so very important for a successful blog.

In your first round she made the comment (paraphrasing) that you've created a top blog. I agree 100%.

For the comment, "The Confident Writing community also seems to perk up when the topic drifts a little." Well, your blog has various post styles so like others, I had to think about this one a bit too and I'm still not too sure what she meant.

For me, I respond more if there is a request for past experiences, or if you throw out your brain grabbing questions. I've grown to love those. And when I have the time, there I'll be, for sure.

Again, congrats!

Thanks Cat

You know I couldn't have to got to here if it wasn't for you...

The question of which posts people respond to is a fascinating one. I do like to try and throw in good coaching questions to get you thinking, but the ones around shared experiences are also a great way to build conversations - it means everyone is offering ideas, experience and perspective on the same level and footing.

I think that inevitably means 'drifting' from the pure focus on writing (or design, or whatever your blog is about) because that's how the sense of the person comes through.

I've really enjoyed all your comments recently - I hope you still have at time once you're back at work!


Congrats on this marvelous blogging milestone. You stepped out with confidence and you have built a conversational tone with readers so it's natural that this trophy came directly to you -- the one most deserving!

You continue to inspire me, Joanna!

Thank you Robyn, it was indeed a sweet blogging milestone.

I love the conversation the best - it's the way we spark off each other - so I was in luck that this was the criteria for this particular round.


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