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April 19, 2008

Can't Get To SobCon? Learn With Me

I know it's frustrating when you hear everyone talking about a conference you'd love to get go but just can't.  When you recognise the benefits you'd get from attending but can't find a way to make it happen (this year).

SobCon08 is pitched as a business school for bloggers, promising to help us think through big questions like:

  • The connection to our purpose (blog and business)
  • Managing time inputs
  • Knowing your ideal reader
  • Making the most of social media (but not making too much of it)
  • Having an exit plan

If these sound like the the kind of issues you want to think through in relation to your own business blog - but you can't get to Chicago (this year), why not learn with me instead?

I'm offering readers of Confident Writing an hour's one-to-one tele-coaching as a follow up to the conference, looking at ways to apply the key findings and most important learning points to your blog.  I will (of course) be sharing my learning in a general way with readers in the weeks and months that follow on, but this gives you the chance for some focused conversation, applied to you, your blog and your  associated business.

The cost of the coaching is £45/$90.  To get the most from the opportunity you'll need to sign up before the event so when I'm there I can pick up ideas, suggestions and learning points not just for my blog but yours too.  If you're interested, just pop over to this page to sign up.

Oh and don't worry, if you want to keep on working with me after the coaching call to achieve your blogging goals or boost your blogging confidence... I'm sure we can find a way to make that happen too :-)

Taking a breather tomorrow - not just for me, you too I'm sure!  I know there's been a lot recently, but what with birthdays, bloggiversaries, blog tournaments, 2,000 comment milestones, guest posts and fabulous blog entries and one liners on powerful writing... there's a lot to get through this month!

Joanna Young, The Confident Writing Coach
Because our words count


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Joanna, that's a sweet offer. And after being on the successful receiving end of your coaching already, how could I pass it up?

Looking forward to it for sure.

Thanks for listing those items the conference will focus on. They are great to consider! I am sure many folks will be quick to take this coaching opportunity!

You got me with your heading! I would dearly love to hide away in your suitcase and come to SOBcon with you this year... but it's an awful long way to go before I could even get near your suitcase...

The big questions SOBcon hopes to answer really get to the core of what we're about, dont they?

Cat - fantastic!

Damien - you know although I'm excited about the social dimensions of this trip and conference I'm really pleased the organisers have thought out about the (business) benefits we're going to get from it. I'm sure I'll come away with my mind buzzing!

Karen - they are big questions aren't they, and being answered by some wise and thoughtful people... Wish you could be there too... some day maybe...


Joanna, you deserve a day of rest. I suspect you might have your noodle buzzing with new ideas once you give it a wee break! I'll be tuned in, that's for sure.

The conference isn't far off... bet you're getting your juices flowing in preparation!

Robyn, my noodle is already feeling over-loaded, I hate to think how I'm going to be after meeting all those amazing people in Chicago!

I'm going to try and wait till I come back before blogging about it though, so I have the chance to let the ideas permeate and settle.

Shame you won't be there - hopefully next year...


Joanna, what a generous offer. I know this will be tremendously helpful for those who are not attending. This has been a very full month for you. I can't even imagine how you're managing, my head would be spinning.

Karen, my head is swimming and I haven't even got to the conference yet!

I'm looking forward to what I learn from it though: I know I'll come back a lot more focused and purposeful.


PS Will be in touch soon to fix up our plans!

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