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March 17, 2008

Welcome To Monday: It's A Beautiful Day!

Enjoy :-)


Oh, but what's this got to do with writing and inspiration?

Well the state we're in changes the way that we write.  Of course the act of writing changes our state too - it moves us through it, takes us to a different place at the end. 

But there are times when it's good to change state before you start - especially if you're writing to be read.

Lots of different ways to get there - but a burst of uplifting music isn't a bad place to start.

So go on.  It's a beautiful day - don't let it get away!

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Joanna Young, The Confident Writing Coach
Because our words count


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What a powerful way to start the day, Joanna. I've heard that song before but I don't think I ever actually listened. The lyrics along with the images have really affected me. Thank you so much!
Wishing you a lifetime of beautiful days :-)

Great song and lovely post. A wonderful start to the week -- thanks, Joanna!

I'm off to dig out my U2 albums and find my Bono sunglasses to sit in front of my Mac this morning and pretend to be a rock star.

Thank you Amy, and likewise. I listened, and then 'listened' to the song on Saturday night while I was driving. It really lifted my spirits, and I knew I had to turn it into a blog post

Nick, my pleasure. I'm glad to be inspiring rock star tendencies!


And, it's a great evening, too! I love the close of a day because I feel full of it's events and the people who touched my life.

You are so right Robyn. I deliberately went back over my day yesterday to write down all the things I was grateful for, including this song, my wonderful readers, the clear light of the moon... and it was a great way to bring closure to the day. Like the rising and the setting of the sun.


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