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Are You Inspired To Be An Authority?

I have to confess: I don’t normally put the words “inspiration” and “authority” together. I’m a natural resister of authority. I’m suspicious of where it can take us. I hear the words of Einstein in my head: Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth. Authority makes me think South Park, and pint-sized [...]

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Inspiring Words That Connect Us Together

Do you love collecting quotations? Me too. I was gifted a quote earlier this week by Lillie Amann at A Writer’s Life, An Editor’s Eye. She was passing on the words as part of a tag. The idea is to post a quote that speaks from and to your heart, and to dedicate it to [...]

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Feel The Fear And Podcast Anyway

This week’s audio slot is given over to a podcasting and blogging first for me - my first interview! It’s with Sarah Rourke, also known as The Rat Race Escape Artist and - for the purpose of this interview - the Audio Pod Artist, helping you to get your voice into the head of your [...]

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Inspiration From Mountain Tops

I knew I had to pay attention when I came across one of my blogging mentors, Rosa Say, from Hawaii, quoting the words of a Scottish mountaineer. Rosa was sharing the oft-cited words of W H Murray, from his book The Scottish Himalayan Expedition - here’s a short excerpt from the quote “… the moment [...]

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Welcome To Monday: It’s A Beautiful Day!

Enjoy Oh, but what’s this got to do with writing and inspiration? Well the state we’re in changes the way that we write.  Of course the act of writing changes our state too - it moves us through it, takes us to a different place at the end. But there are times when it’s good [...]

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