Feel The Fear And Podcast Anyway

This week’s audio slot is given over to a podcasting and blogging first for me - my first interview!

It’s with Sarah Rourke, also known as The Rat Race Escape Artist and - for the purpose of this interview - the Audio Pod Artist, helping you to get your voice into the head of your readers, your listeners, your clients.

We’re talking about getting started with podcasting, some of the barriers I faced (technical, jargon) and how to get past them, plus the benefits of producing content in different formats (different people like different media and also learn in different ways).

I also share the two biggest stumbling blocks in starting to podcast (1) not liking the sound of your own voice and (2) plain simple fear…

And the solution to both of them (“just do it!”)

As I say in the interview it was made easier for me because I shared my first audio clip with a friendly and appreciative audience (that’s all of you by the way).

Is podcasting on your to do list? What do you think it would offer to your readers, students, clients? What would help you to get started? What’s standing in your way?

To listen to the interview just click on this link. It takes you to an MP3 file but you don’t need an MP3 player to listen to it. You can play it from your computer - it’ll open it up with whatever radio or audio player you have set up on your system.

If you’re happy with MP3s you can of course download and play it whenever you’re ready! The interview is 15 minutes 48 seconds long.

You’ll find the interview hosted at The Audio Pod Artist Show.

If you’re looking for some help to get started with podcasting don’t forget to check out Sarah’s site at Audio Pod Artist.