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Archive for January 2008

How to Write a Blog with 5 Straight As

Authority, attraction, authenticity, audience, and approachability: five As that get to the heart of what it means to blog.

7 reasons you’d have found Robert Burns on Twitter

A less than totally serious exploration of why Robert Burns would have been found tweeting away: to make connections, to spread the word.

How to Promote Your Services Without Breaking Rapport

How to use frames as a way of organising your content, as part of a general approach to promoting your services without breaking rapport with your readers.

How to Write an About Page

How to approach writing an “about” page on your blog, and some tips and suggestions from blogging pros on how to go about it.

A Web Designer’s Guide to Writing Well

Applying some of the lessons of web design to the way you write, and organise your written material.