Break through your writing blocks

Have you got stuck on a writing project? Can’t work out which way to go next?

This happens to all of us sometimes. You know you’ve got stuck when you:

  • can’t find the motivation to write
  • have lost sight of your positive intention and purpose
  • are procrastinating
  • have got weighted down by external pressures and expectations
  • feel a lot of fear of anxiety
  • don’t find writing fun any more
  • have lost your writing voice

Working with a writing coach can help you break through those blocks and barriers and get you writing again. By coaching you over the phone (or via Skype) we can quickly identify:

  • the specific nature of the blocks - making it easier to break them down
  • your positive intention - giving a rapid boost to your writing motivation
  • actions you can take - putting you back in the driving seat

We can work together to break through your writing blocks in two coaching sessions (45 minutes a time). The cost for the two coaching calls is £45.

If you’re blocked in your writing and need to breakthrough some barriers to get the words flowing again… just fill out the contact form so we can arrange a time to talk.

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