What I learned from ‘What I Learned From’

Group writing projects are a great way to make new blogging connections.

You can connect with other participants. (Read their entries. Make a comment. Link back. Connect.)

You can make a connection with the host and organiser. Who knows where that might lead… More time spent in the middle zone. Taking time out for some conversation, chat and fun. A guest post here, a story there… The connections take on a life of their own.

And what I like about this particular group writing project - What I Learned From - is that there’s always a way to connect it back to the theme and focus of your blog, and to generate new material that you can use.

Anyway, this isn’t my contribution to this month’s project (yet), I’m just letting you know about it so you can get your own pencils sharpened. This month’s theme is ‘What I learned from… anything at all’ so there’s no excuse about it being off-topic… Closing date for entries is Sunday 11th.

I’ll be posting mine at the weekend - how about you?


    • November 7, 2007

    Looking forward to reading your entry! Thanks for the head’s up to your readers, Joanna; as always, you’re a peach!

  1. My pleasure Robert - anything for someone who refers to me as a peach!


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