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Sharing words to make connections: new writing project coming up

As I said the other day, group writing projects are a great way to make new connections. And as writing to make a connection is my focus for November this seemed like the perfect time to launch the first writing project here at Confident Writing. I’m feeling just a little nervous about it as I [...]

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What I learned from podcasting

I’m still tiptoeing my way into the waters of podcasting but with 8 shows under my belt I thought this would be a good point to reflect on the experience so far, share some of what I’ve learned - and maybe coax some of you to test the waters too… 1. Researching: I knew… Continue reading

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Where do you get the pictures for your blog?

A reader asked me this the other day and I thought it was worth not just sharing my answer but also asking all of you the same question.  I’m very much a novice at this and it would be good to learn how you source your images. This was my answer: The photos come from [...]

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The secrets of clear writing - in pictures

I’d been thinking of a way to round up the learning points from last month’s focus on writing with clarity. It didn’t really lend itself to an e-book in the way that authentic writing did - and to be honest I didn’t have the writing energy for another e-book just now. Then inspiration struck! One [...]

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Are these 5 grammar mistakes costing you business?

I’ve got some confessions to make. I’m not a fully paid up member of the grammar police. This might surprise you, coming from a writing coach, but I’m just not one of those people who gets hung up on the detail of grammar points, who piles in to pick holes in a post on grammar [...]

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