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by Joanna on November 3, 2007

I’ve kept going with Facebook following my social media networking project.  To be honest it doesn’t take up much time - well the way I’m using it anyway - no more than 5 minutes a day.  And it does seem to be a good way of building on and consolidating relationships that you’ve established elsewhere.

My most positive association with Facebook is having breakfast on a Friday morning with the Edinburgh Facebook group.  I don’t know if this really counts as we’re meeting in person not virtually… but it does provide a good opportunity to find out what’s happening with people - like how the Terinea office party went and how Bill Coles is getting on promoting his new book through his blog - and I love chatting to other people who are interested in blogging, social media, Web 2.0 and the endless possibilities of the technological revolution that we’re living through…

It was after yesterday’s meeting that I started thinking about how I’m using Facebook.  It’s not really to establish new connections but to consolidate and build upon the connections that I’ve already made.  In the last few days it’s proved an easy and immediate way to:

  • share some links with the Edinburgh group on keyword research and copywriting
  • pass on details about my writing coach services for a friend of one of my coffee-drinking chums
  • make contact with a few bloggers who’ve visited and left comments here for the first time
  • exchange comments with other participants about the first week of learning on Teaching Sells
  • pass on my details to Anna Farmery so she can send me the leadership book I won from the recent competition she ran on The Engaging Brand (thanks Anna!)

These were all things that I could do quickly and easily and that added value to other conversations that I’d been having - and for the first time I can really start to see the ways that Facebook can work for me.

But I know I’m still a novice on all things Facebook and social media - so please let me know: how do you use Facebook to make, or strengthen, connections?

You can leave a comment here - or if you’re on Facebook - get in touch and let me know there!

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Robyn 11.03.07 at 2:20 pm

Hi Joanna, do keep us posted on the ways Facebook benefits you. ;-)

Sylvia C. 11.03.07 at 2:44 pm

Hey Joanna,

I am curious: what made you choose facebook over myspace? I had to pick one, as I told myself: 2 is too many!

I am on myspace, so if you ever join…friend me!

Have a great weekend!

Sylvia C.

Joanna Young 11.03.07 at 3:59 pm

Hi Robyn, I will do :-)

Sylvia, I wish there was a scientific reason… but there was none. A few people I knew were using Facebook and I was tempted in by them. Like you I don’t think I could cope with more than one site - so I’ll have to find a virtually virtual way to friend you

That was it! Best I could do for now!

Best wishes


Anna Farmery 11.03.07 at 4:48 pm

Joanna Mrs Prizewinner!

For me Facebook is now my address book, my instant messanger, my home page, my collector of information…I even have my wiki on there now. Before I had to log in to various places but now I feel that all my main communication tools are in one place..wonderful.

Enjoy the book!

Joanna Young 11.04.07 at 11:06 am

That’s interesting Anna - sounds like it’s worth pushing the boundaries with Facebook to see what’s possible, especially with the prize of getting everything bundled together in one place

Thanks again for running the competition - I can’t wait to get my hands on the book!


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