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November 14, 2007

Are you plugged in to your writing?

Before you can connect with your readers you need to make sure you've got a good connection to your own writing.

One of the things that comes up time and again when I'm coaching people is some kind of disconnect that's crept in between the person who's doing the writing and the words that they produce.

This week's audio show (4:57) looks at five things you can do to plug in to your writing, by connecting back to:

Your own words: use plain simple language, everyday words, and substitute your own words for other people's - especially if your writing is strewn with jargon and business cliches

Your reader: focus on just one person that you're writing for, it'll help you to make the connection

Your expectations: we often go wrong when we're trying too hard - to write like someone else, to model a particular writing style.  Watch out for times when you're saying 'I must' 'I should' 'I have to' - they can all damage the natural connection you have with your words

Your intention: one way to get round those 'musts' and 'shoulds' is to focus on your positive intention.  By focusing on the intention rather the words you'll reboot your motivation - and might just find that your writing helps to make the connection for you

Your state: be aware of the state that you're in before you start to write, and look for ways to switch to a more positive one.  If you find that tricky, cycle through the tips here - use your own words, focus on one reader that you want to connect with, watch your self-talk and the burden of expectations, and focus on your positive intention.

It'll help you plug back in to the power of your own words.

You can listen to the podcast by following this link or going to my gcast page. 

To tune in to more writing tips, explore the archive of Confident Writing podcasts.

If you think you've got disconnected from your own writing - and want to plug back in - a writing coach can help.  Find out how to work with me here.

Joanna Young, The Confident Writing Coach
Because our words count


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Great advice! From a reader's point of view, I am turned off when the post is too negative. If the author begins to assume an overall surly tone on her blog, I will stop reading altogether. I don't always practice my best writing on my blog, as there are occasions when I am writing just to get my thoughts out of my head and out in the open (public accountability!). I don't have a lot of traffic on my site, but I have made wonderful connections with a handful of readers. It's those relationships that I try to cultivate.

Thank you for the wonderful tips. As I'm fairly new to the blogging world (and writing for that matter), I am always looking for ways to improve my writing. I'm realizing that writers really need to make sure there true selves shine, especially when the goal is relationship building!

Hi Melissa

I'm with you, that the relationships (and the quality of them) are what count. It's hugely motivating as a writer to have that sense of connection with your readers - including their support on days when we don't do our best writing.

But you know I think even on days when the words don't come out quite right readers can still 'read' your intention - to be honest, to share, to articulate what's important to you, to communicate an important idea or emotion.


Eric, I'm glad you found the tips useful. But I think you summed it up better than I did - that we need to connect to our true selves, and let those selves shine through, if we're to make a powerful connection with our readers.

Best wishes


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