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Why I love Brian Clark

  • Is it because he knows how to make his reports go viral?
  • Is it because he can teach me how to set up a quality, monetized coaching site?
  • Is it because he chose to write about the butterfly effect on Blog Action Day?

I love all those things – but they’re not the reason I love the copyblogger.

No, I love him because he writes about the importance of parallelism in bullet points.

Yep, parallelism.

  • The same part of speech
  • The same sense and meaning
  • The same grammatical form

“Symmetrical” he might say.

Sweet music to my ears.

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  1. Carol says:

    I love parallelism, too! Too many people don’t seem to understand the concept and it drives me nuts to see unparallel lists.

  2. Rebecca Thomas says:

    I think parallelism is a ton of fun when done well. It’s a great way to create a rhythm or a mood in a piece.

  3. Joanna Young
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Hi Carol

    Good to hear from a kindred spirit!


  4. Joanna Young
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Hi Rebecca, thanks for calling by.

    I think rhythm has a lot to do with it. Sometimes I want to use parallel bullet points to cut extra words - but sometimes I find they work better with the repetition of the same intro. I think it’s the rhythmic effect at work.

    More on bullet points next week - I hope you’ll be back for that :-)


  5. ann michael says:

    Joanna -

    I’m right there with you. This is a ton of fun!


  6. Joanna Young
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Hi Ann - that’s great! I’m not sure what you’re finding the most fun though - me being less serious, talking about the great Brian Clark, or salivating over bullet points!!!


  7. cat says:


    I love Brian too. Which is why I emailed this very same to you this morning.

    Oppps, I should have read your blog first :-)

  8. Joanna Young
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    No problem Cat - I am happy that you thought of me in relation to Teaching Sells :-)


  9. ann michael says:

    Not that I don’t love Brian, but I have to admit it’s the bullet points!

  10. Joanna Young
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    That’s funny Ann. I’ll have to make sure I keep on using them right now I’ve found out about how much you and others like them!