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How to recycle your words

All that talk about the environment yesterday has got me thinking about the application of environmental management principles to the way that we write.

Recycling is a great strategy for bloggers, making long term use of the material you’ve written rather than throwing it away.  I’ve been doing some tidying up and sorting out round here and created some new categories to make it easier for you to find the most valuable material.

I know I keep on encouraging people to subscribe in a feed - I think it’s easier (more energy efficient?) for you as well as motivating for me - but the downside is that you don’t always find time to go and visit the site and see what else is going on.   If you find time to pop over you’ll also discover a link to a new Amazon store that I’ve set up with a selection of books on Confident Writing and a copy of my e-book on writing with authenticity (if you missed it last week).

Wednesday’s podcast will be lingering on the waste theme - how to make sure our words have lasting value and aren’t just thrown away.

Later in the week I’ll be conserving my blogging energy with a guest post from Brad Shorr (of Word Sell fame).  It’s on clarity in business writing.  I’ve had a sneak preview and you’re in for a treat.

After that - yes after that I think I’ll have done the environmental management metaphors to death - and normal service, whatever that means, will be resumed.

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