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What confident readers are writing

I’ve been thinking about ways to show my gratitude to readers here – and to make sure I’m engaging with you properly too. I do try and pull out and highlight the amazing things you write in the comment box – because they’re a big part of… Continue reading

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Why I love Brian Clark

Is it because he knows how to make his reports go viral? Is it because he can teach me how to set up a quality, monetized coaching site? Is it because he chose to write about the butterfly effect on Blog Action Day? I love all those things – but they’re not the reason I [...]

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Getting clear on your point

I’ve been working hard this week on a coaching guide for writing with confidence at work. More on that to follow, but for now I’m looking for some help with a section I was writing last night. It’s on clarity (yes, that old chestnut) and I was thinking of… Continue reading

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9 Steps to Clear Business Writing: by Brad Shorr

The ability to communicate clearly is always important, but when it comes to business writing, clarity reigns supreme. In business, words drive decisions and action. Write clearly, and you help colleagues and customers make the right decisions. Write haphazardly, and you lay the groundwork for mistakes and confusion. Since most companies prefer profits to problems, [...]

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5 ways to stop your words being wasted at work (audio show)

I’ve been thinking about ways to cut the waste in our words, and the environmental management theme has spilled over into this week’s podcast. It’s on cutting the clutter: 5 ways to stop your words being wasted at work. It’s based on the idea that writing is a… Continue reading

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