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Writing to make a connection - November theme

October is whizzing to its close which means its time to let you know about next month’s theme at Confident Writing. We’re going to be looking at writing to make a connection. This is what I said about it before… Writing that establishes a sense of connection with your reader, a wider community, the wider [...]

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A clear path through your words (audio show)

Clear writing can help us to establish rapport with our readers - pacing their experience, helping them to navigate their way through our words and creating a clear, uncluttered pathway that takes them straight to our point. This week’s podcast talks you through 10 simple ways to do… Continue reading

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The (blogging) definition of success

Definition: successful Adjective Used to describe someone who has: 1.    The ability to attract more comments in one night than lesser mortals achieve in one year 2.    The confidence to move their readers to think, wonder, laugh and cry in equal measure 3.    The knowledge that everyone will want to come to [...]

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Forget your words and look at your page

“All writers I know underestimate the value of the visual aesthetics of the page. Enlightened writers should concern themselves with typeface, type size, white space, format and even with the visual effects of punctuation.” (Roy Peter Clark) As writers we tend to get hung up on the detail… Continue reading

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Bullet points: how not to write a “how to” guide

I know “how to” posts are all the rage amongst blog writers and readers. But sometimes the words to write a “how to” guide just fail me. A stream of contrary thoughts run through my mind, telling me that I’m: teaching grannies to suck eggs turning out Continue reading

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