Business writing with confidence: beyond the training room

Would you like to be more confident writing at work?

You wouldn’t be alone.

There are lots of reasons why people lose their writing confidence.

  • It could be a result of being criticised, year after year. One client told me she’d only ever received negative comments on her written work. I was the first person to say something positive about what she’d written.
  • Many people are carrying fears and anxieties from school and college days - trying to remember distant grammar rules that never made sense at the time and don’t seem to help in getting the words to flow now.
  • Sometimes people lose confidence in their own words because they have spent so many years adopting the language of a large organisation - whether that’s a big corporation or a faceless bureaucracy. Losing your own words can be soul destroying - and deeply demotivating.
  • A lot of clients have just got tangled up in fears and anxieties about writing at work. Their writing skills turn out to be okay, room for improvement maybe, but the biggest problem is the associated feelings of frustration, irritation, boredom and anxiety that kick in whenever they know they have to start to write.
  • Lack of confidence in your written communication skills can affect your overall feeling of confidence at work. And poor writing skills can get in the way of you fulfilling your potential at work - leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated when you know there’s so much more you can do, so much more you have to offer.

Any of these sound familiar?

Maybe you’ve thought about ways to change things for the better - to improve your skills, to tackle your underlying lack of self-confidence. But where do you go for the kind of help that you’re looking for?

Books on business writing and communication skills can only take you so far.

Business writing courses will teach you some of the basics - but you might be at the point in your career where you don’t want to have to share your learning needs in that kind of environment.

Perhaps you’re looking for more personal, tailor-made support.

Working with a business writing coach gives you the opportunity to go beyond the confines of the training room.

You’ll have the one-to-one space to explore your writing needs in confidence and check out how those needs relate to your overall career ambitions and aspirations. We can work together to tackle any underlying blocks and barriers - limiting beliefs maybe that are a hangover from school days, or things you tell yourself about being hopeless at grammar. And I’ll analyse your written material to provide you with:

  • constructive criticism - to help you identify the strengths of your writing style and writing ‘voice’
  • learning points - tailor made to your writing needs
  • writing tips - based on any recurring patterns and errors in your writing

Individual feedback and analysis. A coach to support you along the way. Tailor made learning points.

How different to the experience of your average business training.

And yet the business writing with confidence programme costs no more than the price of a half-day business training course.

Which do you want to spend your training budget on?

Joanna Young, The Confident Writing Coach

Because our words count

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