Yes, September is authentic writing month

I can hardly believe it’s the 16th of September already.  I know, I know that the signs of the season are upon us - the leaves are turning and starting to fall, it’s been cold, wet and windy most of the weekend in Edinburgh, my son has gone back to university for the start of the autumn term.

But this means we’ve only got two weeks left in September, two weeks to try and squeeze in all the things I still want to try and cover on what it means to write with authenticity, like…

  • More of your definitions of authentic writing
  • Authentic writing in the age of conversation
  • What audio, voice, sound can add to the authenticity mix
  • More book reviews on writers who write from the heart
  • Plain English and authentic writing
  • More songs for the authentic writing soundtrack?
  • Great thinkers on authenticity: Alice in Wonderland, Dolly Parton, Robert Hruzek…

Not to mention a round up of what we’ve talked about, written about and discussed - and a look ahead to the next focused discussion - on clarity - which is coming up in October.

Help! Do you think I’ll get it all done?  Where do all the ideas come from - and how will I get them to stop in a fortnight?

And what do you think might have happened to my blogging addiction if I’d carried on writing with a scatter-brained head - rather than writing with a purpose??!

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