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The courage to hear yourself sing

12 September, 2007 Posted by Joanna As Inspiration

I went to see the movie Small Engine Repair last night.  It was a great film: understated, simple but powerful storyline, great acting - and amazing soundtrack.  (You can watch the trailer here)

The story centred around a wannabe country singer who had a demo tape of great songs - but was afraid to let anyone hear them.

It made me think.

Sometimes it’s not about finding the right words.

Sometimes it’s about finding the courage to hear yourself sing.

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Robert HruzekNo Gravatar September 12, 2007

Whoa! What a great observation, Joanna!

I recall a scene from “Back to the Future”; Marty’s father spent all his time writing science fiction stories, but was afraid to show them to anyone to because they might not like them!

Luckily, blogging has cured me of that problem! Now I just have to worry about “foot-in-mouth” syndrome instead. Your remember the movie, “The Man Who Knew Too Much”? Well, I’d hate to have the starring role in “The Man Who Said Too Much”! :-D

Joanna YoungNo Gravatar September 12, 2007

Not at all. You’re the bridge, right?


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