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Confident Writing, like many other blogs, is updated nearly every day.

To make it easier for you to keep in touch there are subscription services in place (called RSS or Really Simple Subscription) which mean you can sign up for regular updates - so you know if there’s something new that you want to read, without having to go looking for it.

One way you can do this is by e-mail. If you want the updates to come direct to your e-mail inbox from Confident Writing it’s easy - all you do is put your e-mail address in the box below.

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The other option is to click the orange RSS button that you’ll see on the top right hand corner of the site. There’s another one here if you’re getting lost!

When you click on the button you’ll get taken to another screen that looks something like this. If you already have a news reader like Bloglines or Google Reader you can click on the button for that service.

Feedreaders are handy if you’re following a lot of blog sites. They alert you when there’s something new in the list of blogs that you’ve chosen to follow - a bit like your favourites, but you only need to go and visit when there’s something new to read. It saves you time.

If you don’t subscribe to many blogs - or just want to subscribe to this one - click on the ‘view feed xml’ button to add it to your desktop. Then it’s just a question of a quick click and you’ll be able
to see if there’s anything new to read.

If you’re still wondering about feeds - try this really simple video explaining how it works from CommonCraft.

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Joanna Paterson

Journal and writing coach, teaching ways to notice and capture the wonder of the everyday, through writing, poetry, and photography.

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