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When the words won’t come

I was all written out on Sunday – a burst of creativity left me writing on thistles and spikes, publishing my piece on ‘realising the power of our words’ at Joyful Jubilant Learning, and then conjuring up a (slightly different, for me anyway) post comparing that writing experience with the process of making plum chutney. [...]

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Italian lessons in authenticity: by Emma Bird

What’s your name? What are you eating? Why are you here? Those were just some of the questions that the two-year-old at the table next to ours was bombarding us with while we were waiting for our meal to arrive in our favourite restaurant. Were she in the UK or the US, her parents would [...]

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The plum chutney guide to writing a blog post

I was being unusually domesticated today and bottled up a jar of home made plum chutney.  Now this wasn’t just procrastination (which  has been known to prompt sporadic bursts of cooking and cleaning): the plums were ripe, over-ripe and demanding attention.  Just like the piece that I’d promised to write today for Joyful Jubilant Learning, [...]

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The spikes and thistles of authentic writing

I was thinking the other day about how authenticity means being human. “Authenticity may mean natural or beautiful. It may mean rooted geographically or morally, but behind all that it means human.” And what does that “being human” mean? It’s us, warts and all. It’s us: complex, difficult, imperfect, amazingly astonishing creatures. It’s the beauty [...]

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Drinking coffee and talking social media

My networking project took a leap forward yesterday morning when I joined up with the (Facebook) Edinburgh Coffee Morning Group.  This wasn’t a virtual meeting, this was early morning coffee and rolls in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town.  The morning was full of promise - Edinburgh… Continue reading

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