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Yes, September is authentic writing month

I can hardly believe it’s the 16th of September already.  I know, I know that the signs of the season are upon us - the leaves are turning and starting to fall, it’s been cold, wet and windy most of the weekend in Edinburgh, my son has gone back to university for the start of [...]

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Writing yourself out of the tunnel

I first came across the words of Rachel North in an on-line diary published by the BBC in the days after the 7th July bombings in London, back in 2005.  I remember being gripped by her account of what had happened when the Tube train she’d been on had been blown up, and the weird [...]

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Only 29 days to Blog Action Day

It’s the 15th of the month today, which reminded me that we’re getting close to Blog Action Day.  Yep, 15th October is the day when we get to answer the question: What would happen if every blog published posts discussing the same issue, on the same day? Continue reading

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Who’s your on-line writing coach?

Do you have an on-line writing coach?  I do, several in fact, although they probably don’t know it (yet). I realised the other day that one of the reasons I follow my ‘favourites’ so avidly is that they demonstrate, model, illuminate some of the vital ingredients of confident writing. Now following them avidly doesn’t mean [...]

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Sometimes I write hollow: by Jon Swanson

This is a guest post, as you can tell from the title. It lacks grammatical accuracy, in some undefined way. You’ll understand why in a bit. If you keep reading. But why wouldn’t you keep reading. There is something about the word hollow that resonates. (And yes, the pun… Continue reading

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