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When it’s time to get off the stage

Writing is fun.  Blogging is lots of fun.   It’s a fabulous platform – for writing, for learning, for hearing ourselves think, for sharing ideas, words, stories, possibilities, conversations. But what happens when it’s time to get off the stage for a while – when the blog shifts from being “your” platform to a shared space, [...]

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Ignoring good advice

I feel I should be following the advice of someone who’s working a 4-hour week.  But Tim Ferris’ most recent advice on how often to blog seems beyond me. Here’s what he says (guest writing at Problogger): Post less to be read more. No matter how good your material is, too much of it can [...]

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Writing from the wild side

I was through in Glasgow yesterday for the Scottish version of Channel 4′s “In the Wild” event - looking at the twin issues of low self-esteem and lack of confidence amongst school children in the UK and the potential for re-engaging kids through the creative application of new technology.  I heard about the event from [...]

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The Age of (authentic) Conversation

What does The Age of Conversation mean for the way that we write?  Does it challenge us to change the way we use words - to open up the possibilities for richer, more authentic conversations?  Does it mean learning to communicate in a variety of ways online -… Continue reading

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Respect for the authentic conversation: comments, links and all that jazz

Transparency’s been on my mind recently with all this focus on authenticity.  (Although they’re not the same there’s definitely a transparency strand to authenticity – being clear and open about who you are and what you’re about.) It’s been a reminder to me to tidy up some of my own blogging policies so you can [...]

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