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Ignoring good advice

21 September, 2007 Posted by Joanna As Snippets

I feel I should be following the advice of someone who’s working a 4-hour week.  But Tim Ferris’ most recent advice on how often to blog seems beyond me.

Here’s what he says (guest writing at Problogger):

Post less to be read more.

No matter how good your material is, too much of it can cause feed-overwhelm and unsubscribes. Based on input from close to a dozen top bloggers I’ve interviewed, it takes an average of three days for a new post to propagate well in the blogosphere. If you write too often, pushing down the previous post and its visibility, you decrease the reach of each post, run the risk of increasing unsubscribes, and create more work for yourself. Test posting 2-4 times per week—my preference is two—and don’t feel compelled to keep up with the frequency “you have to post three times before lunch” Joneses. Quality, not quantity, is what spreads.

Maybe when my ideas slow down… Maybe.

Meantime, I hope you’re not suffering from feed-overwhelm :-)

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Carol September 21, 2007

I’m not suffering from feed overwhelm. I think once a day for a good blog is a good frequency of posting.

I think the frequency of posting all depends on the subject matter. I wouldn’t post more than once a day unless something really big came up and I couldn’t resist or I had posted a “housekeeping type of entry”, those that are perhaps about the blog itself and not so much the subject matter of the blog.

Lea September 21, 2007

Hi Joanna,

I’m with you - I’ll slow down my regular postings (on 3+ blogs) when I run out of ideas.

However, if I feel I’ve written an especially good post which deserves a bit more headline time, I will sometimes schedule my next post a little later to give it more time at the top. Perhaps this is what Tim is talking about.

Personally, I enjoy blogging as frequently as I do and in keeping with your topic of authenticity, if that’s what you feel like doing…then so you should.


April Groves September 21, 2007

You keep writing and I’ll keep reading - regardless of the pace you choose to keep. I love it when you pop up in my reader!

Joanna YoungNo Gravatar September 21, 2007

Hi Carol, thanks for the feedback and sharing your experience. I shouldn’t get hung up what experts advise now should I, when I’ve got readers to listen to :-)
Oh and thanks for the suggestion that it’s okay to post twice a day if one’s housekeeping - I might just go and write something else now!


Joanna YoungNo Gravatar September 21, 2007

Hi Lea, it’s good to hear from you.

I think the idea of ‘time at the top’ is a good one - at least in theory, but I’m always itching to add something else…

You’re right though, I do enjoy it, and I feel more connected, creative, and happy when I’m writing regularly so why impose an external “should” as to how often I write?

Thanks for reminding me to be true to myself too :-)

Joanna YoungNo Gravatar September 21, 2007

Hi April, thanks for the feedback, it means a lot. I know I pretend to be confident but it’s much better to know that there are people who are enjoying what you’re writing!


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