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One issue, one day, thousands of voices

What would happen if every blog published posts discussing the same issue, on the same day? That’s the question that’s being asked, the challenge that’s been thrown down by the organisers of Blog Action Day.  This year on October 15th they’re organising a mass day of blog-writing action. … Continue reading

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A feast of learning

Phew!  There’s so much to learn out there!  Here’s some great stuff for you to get your writing teeth into: 1. What we can learn from group writing projects Robert Hruzek (Middle Zone Musings) has just published the contributions to his latest group writing project, “what I… Continue reading

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Writing with all your senses

“Get out of your head and into your senses” wrote psychologist Fritz Perls.  I doubt he had writing in mind when he said it, but it’s great advice for bringing our writing to life: capturing what we see, hear, smell, taste, feel… or evoking those same sensations in our readers. This week’s slow links post [...]

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How to write a links post

Link posting should be like mingling at a party - suggests Jan from Circular Communication, guest writing this week at Lorelle on Wordpress (congratulations Jan).  But how do you go about writing a link post?  Especially if, like me, you’re hopeless at mingling at parties… In… Continue reading

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How do you know when you’ve got to the point

I was writing the other day about ‘telling it in ten’, my (current) top tip for confident writing.  The gist of it was learning to stand back from your writing and identify the key message - which should be tellable in ten words or less.  One of the comments on this post reminded me of [...]

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