I'm just writing to say thanks

Dear Liz

I’m just writing to say thanks.  Thanks for linking your writing challenge back to my name.  I’m blushing each time I see it, but I know better than to protest your decisions:-)  I also know you don’t want paid back for gifts you give freely - because it’s just in your nature to give.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t say thanks.

Thanks for teaching us to write in a compelling, conversational style.  But more than that thanks for modelling that conversation, that engagement, that friendliness in action in a place where you’re only a stranger once.

Thanks for answering every single person who leaves a comment on your blog.  Oh and not just answering but answering with our names, with some reflection on what we’ve said, maybe what’s been happening at our own sites, with friendship, and humour and style.

Thanks for making us smile even when the smilies get turned off :-)

Thanks for going out like a bloodhound to find the blogs that are extending the conversation.  Not for  your own benefit but so you can encourage, highlight, showcase those who you think deserve it.

Thanks for being open about your own doubts, challenging us (quietly) to question our own integrity too.

Thanks for making the conversations in your comment box the highlight of your links post.

Just thanks.  Really, sincerely.



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  1. Liz Strauss · · Reply

    [I look doen at my keyboard and think about how I read to the third paragraph before I went back to the top to see the first two words "Dear Liz." I also think about how hard it is to read with my eyes all teary. Gee. I push my chair back and go walk around my condo a bit and blog my nose. :)

    Dear Joanna,
    I doubt I'll ever know or be able to explain how significant your words are to me. I am more than touched or moved. I am wishing I still had what little Italian I knew as a child so that I could bring the combination of joy, gratitude, and welcome generosity that gets conveyed when a smiling face says, “Prego,” “Grazie,” “Prego.”

    I will always remember this moment.

  2. Liz Strauss · · Reply

    Sorry, I blew my nose . . . I didn’t blog it. I told you it was hard to read. :)

  3. Dear Liz

    You have conveyed the feeling perfectly, and I feel it. Thank you.

    One day when we get to meet I’ll give you a hug, but for now this seemed the best thing that I could do :-)


    PS I didn’t think you’d had time to blog your nose. It was a fun typo though!

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