Blog writing with a purpose

Sometimes it’s worth checking that we’re not just blogging for the sake of it.  Not just adding to the noise.  Not just writing because its addictive.  Not just hanging around waiting for something to blog about (thanks for the reminder Robert:-))

Sometimes even the most successful bloggers decide they need to step back from the sound and fury until they can find a way to be sure they’re adding value again.

But that doesn’t mean throwing babies out with the bathwater.  Blogging can help people to learn, to share, to explore ideas, to express themselves, to learn more about their world and to help to shape a new one.  April (the realtor) tells us that she’s experienced more personal growth in the last 6 months than she has in the last six years by learning through her blog.  (Could this be why she rocks?!)  Adam asks if the world needs our blogs.  I like his answer.

“If you’re just adding to the noise, then no, probably not.  But if you’re sharing the music inside you, then yes.  A resounding, full, and overwhelming yes.”

Which takes me to one of the most powerful pieces of writing that I’ve read this week.  A reminder from Jon Swanson that what we write, how we link, the ideas that we share with each other - well it counts.  It all counts.

Our existence, our interactions, our writing, our time, our love, our hate–all  of these things are shaping the world in small ways. The question is not whether you are ready to change your world. The question is whether you like the way you are already changing it.

And if you do then yes.  A resounding, full, and overwhelming yes.

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  1. Liz Strauss · · Reply

    Every time I come here, I am just bowled over with your thoughts and your writing. The just flow into each other and the ideas are seamless. I so look forward to where you go next.

  2. Robert Hruzek · · Reply

    Joanna, I’m with you here - I don’t write to hear myself talk, I write to hear myself think. Otherwise it’s just noise.

    Then, through comments, it becomes a conversation with other thinkers. Much more interesting that way, don’t you think? :-)

  3. Thanks so much Liz, really.

    The next post is actually written for you, so I hope you’ll like it.


  4. Robert

    I really like this one. “I don’t write to hear myself talk, I write to hear myself think.” Might quote you on it one day.

    You’re dead right about the conversations and learning connecting through comments - and then back through posts sometimes. Like the way you, Robyn and Ellen have been sparking brainy ideas off each other. Those of us watching and reading can and do learn from the exchanges too. It’s a great way for all of us to expand our thinking.


  5. Robert Hruzek · · Reply

    Aw, shucks (embarrassed shuffle), t’wern’t nothin’… we were just shootin’ the breeze a bit; after all, that’s somethin’ that’s always “in season”! :-D

  6. Aw go on Robert, no need to shuffle. There’s an art to asking questions with a light touch but enough power to get us out of our comfort zones…


  7. Thanks, Joanna, for including me in this conversation.

    For me, writing is part of how I come to know, how I figure out what is going on. As a result, any changing that comes through my writing, starts with changing me.

  8. Jon, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for getting me thinking (and yes changing too) earlier in the week. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing.


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