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How do people reach your blog or website?  What are the words that get typed into the search engines before your readers find you?

Darren Rowse is running a competition to guess the most popular search term for his Problogger site.  It got me thinking about what I’d learnt so far about ways that people find me or what they set out to look for.  I’m not terribly scientific (yet) about the way I use the information from analytical tools like HitTail - but it definitely helps me to write.  Partly because it throws up different combinations of words which in turn generates new ideas for things to write about.  Partly because of what I’ve learned - like how many people are searching for the words of a song, or a poem, or a deep thinker.  But mainly because the search terms people use are so… so quirky.  So odd, slightly off-ball, so endearingly human.

It often makes me smile.  Reminds me that at the end of the day it’s not search engines who are reading our stuff.  But ordinary everyday human beings who are sitting typing their questions, their comments and their concerns into a keyboard, just like you and me.

Anyway, that was a long way round to start a conversation about favourite search terms.  I’ve picked out my favourite quirky search terms that have brought people to Confident Writing… so far.  My top 5 would be:

#1 “crazy original ways to overcome writers block”

#2 “writing is easy hit your forehead”

#3 “writings about essence of being young” (I get quite a lot of ‘young’ hits)

#4 “writing stare blank sheet drops of blood forehead meaning”

# 5″fall through the gaps dictionary”

And if I had to pick just one favourite it’d have to be  #2.  (In fact I even wondered about adopting it as my strapline.  It says it all really.)

What have you learned from the search terms for your site?  What does it tell  you about your readers?  And if you had to pick a favourite (quirky) search term - what would it be?

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