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There’s a conversation going on at the Problogger site about whether or not bloggers should reveal the numbers on their RSS feedreader counters.  (Is it arrogant to reveal high numbers, does it imply lack of authority if you’ve only a handful, that kind of thing.)  Now I do take some quiet pleasure in seeing the number of my regular ‘feed’ readers climb slowly up the way, but I’d have to say that’s far from being the most important thing in terms of satisfaction and reward that I get from you, my readers.  Some of the things that really make me smile are:

  • Seeing your faces on the mybloglog widget :)
  • Finding readers who are also great blog writers - your readership makes me feel part of the bigger community
  • Trackback links from other people’s blogs - recognition!
  • Comments, comments, comments: I love them all

And one of the things I’ve found about blog readers is that they’re a kind and generous set of people.  This week I have enjoyed some wonderful exchanges with people in many different countries of the world.  Someone who stopped by to tell me about a visit to Edinburgh 20 years ago and to talk about the way our writing was ‘connecting’.  A reader who took the time to tell me what an ego book is (and I will be putting this one into practice).  A thanks for some of my coaching tips and a reminder that sometimes you do just find the right words that are precisely what someone else is waiting to hear.  A welcome as part of the Ho’ohana community (what an honour).   And today, the gift of two wonderful  metaphors for blogging, just for me, from someone with a kind and loving heart.  Thanks, everyone, for the shower of blessings that you’ve sent me this week.

These are some of the things that keep my blogging motivation high.  What sort of feedback is the most important to you?

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