The perils of running a writing blog

I’ve known ever since I started this blog that I was bound to get picked up on a style point before too long, or to make one of the classic grammatical errors that make you look dumb.  (I don’t worry about this at all when I’m blogging at Coaching Wizardry - I just get on and write.)

Anyway I tripped up yesterday in the post on creativity boot camps.  This might have been because I was writing fast to get it done, in line with the subject of the article.  But it was probably because I didn’t preview, print, check and edit which is the normal drill that I go through.  And that’s the learning point for me.

I might as well save my blushes and share the grammar error here too - a classic mix up between “you’re” and “your”.  It’s a common mistake because the two words sound the same (and in English there are lots and lots of them - words that are known as homonyms).  “You’re” of course, is short for “you are”, while “your” is a possessive pronoun, meaning of or belonging to you.  When talking about “your” writing it could only be “your” not “you’re” (cringe!).

TIP If in doubt, try reading out the sentence with the words “you are” instead of “your” or “you’re”.  If the sentence still makes sense, go with “you’re”.  If not, it’s “your” that you’re after.

What are the mistakes you’re most likely to make in your writing…?

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  1. On June 6, 2007 at 3:57 pm Laura responded with... #

    Homonyms are so tricky because spell checkers don’t catch them. A tired brain can easily overlook them. I posted on this topic a few weeks ago.


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