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Are you in need of a writing boot camp?

Dealing with procrastination and overcoming writer’s block are recurring themes in the writing world.  Gretchen Rubin at the Happiness Project suggests the application of a ‘creativity boot camp’ when you’re your writing is in the doldrums. I do find it a little disconcerting to see the words ‘boot camp’ and ‘creativity’ next to each other [...]

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‘It sounds just like me’: the best feedback of all

What makes a writing coach different from a copywriter?  Well one of the most important distinctions is that I focus on your words, your writing, your message… rather than mine.  The work I do is a mixture of coaching, editing and writing but behind it all lies active listening, tuning in to what it is [...]

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Make the time to make it short

Quotes on the value of brevity.

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How do you mark your blogging milestones?

Blogging, if not hard work, is certainly a long term investment of time, energy, commitment, words and ideas.  Like any major project it’s a good idea to celebrate the milestones you pass along the way.  This ‘newbie’ blog has been running for six weeks now.  Its sister site Continue reading

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What you get from your readers

There’s a conversation going on at the Problogger site about whether or not bloggers should reveal the numbers on their RSS feedreader counters.  (Is it arrogant to reveal high numbers, does it imply lack of authority if you’ve only a handful, that kind of thing.)  Now I do take some quiet pleasure in seeing the [...]

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