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Writing for readers who scan

A couple of timely reminders to structure and organise our written material for readers who are scanning.   (To scan in this context = examine hastily, make a wide sweeping search.) The key is to think about visual impact as well as the words themselves. Muhammad Saleem guest writing at Copyblogger suggests using a diagonal layout: [...]

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The language of blogging: hat tip

As a relative newcomer* to the world of blogging, I’m still learning some of the language.  One of the phrases I’ve come across in some blogs (but not all) is “hat tip”. The extremely helpful ‘blogossary’ defines hat tip as “an acknowledgement to someone (or a website)… Continue reading

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When a picture’s worth a thousand words

I came across some great examples this week of using pictures to tell your story. Brian Clark at Copyblogger reminds us that strong visuals - like the fish in Finding Nemo - are worth an hour’s worth of words Liz Strauss hit us with a powerful reminder that we work to make… Continue reading

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Are you a word nerd?

Are you a word nerd?  That’s the question being asked by Brad Shorr at Word Sell.  So much of a word nerd am I that I had to look up the word “nerd” before I could take the test… Webster’s ‘specialty definition’ gives us two meanings.  (I think you get to choose which one might [...]

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Reaping the writing rewards

I wrote a little while ago about the different type of feedback and rewards that we, as writers, receive from our readers.  I’m continuing to enjoy some wonderful conversations in the comment pages of this and other people’s blogs, and it’s great to see how quickly connections and friendships can form with people in far [...]

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