‘It sounds just like me’: the best feedback of all

What makes a writing coach different from a copywriter?  Well one of the most important distinctions is that I focus on your words, your writing, your message… rather than mine.  The work I do is a mixture of coaching, editing and writing but behind it all lies active listening, tuning in to what it is that you, the client, would like to say.

What I am listening for are the bits of magic that will bring your written material to life: the phrases, the words, the metaphors, the language patterns that you already use.  The writing and editing work after that is just about pulling them out, bringing them to the fore and getting rid of some of the background noise.

It’s one thing knowing that’s how you work, another to get it confirmed in client feedback… so I was delighted to have this quoted back at me at the end of a recent piece of work.  I’ve just completed the editing and re-writing of the material for NLP Scotland’s Dyslexia Coaching Mastery programme.  (This has been a great assignment as I’ve learned loads about the programme along the way - and the stuff they do and the results they get are fantastic).  Anyway once we’d signed off the manual Jeff Goodwin (the head of NLP Scotland) said he thought the material looked “amazing”.  But best of all was his final point.  “Do you know” he said, “people that have read this say it sounds just like me…”

That’s what I’m aiming for.  I can help with the writing but the words, the story, the message - is all yours.

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Joanna Paterson

Journal and writing coach, teaching ways to notice and capture the wonder of the everyday, through writing, poetry, and photography.

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