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Don’t write when there’s nothing to say

21 June, 2007 Posted by Joanna As Snippets

I reckon that writing should be with a purpose and that it’s normally better not to write when you don’t have anything to say.  This can conflict of course with external pressures to write - for a deadline, to complete a project, to move your novel forward, or to keep your blogging quotient high.

But my energy is low this evening, so I’m not going to write just for the sake of it.  Instead I’ll share some light relief from Net Writing, with his Top 10 Reasons Not to Write a Blog Post.  It really made me smile, and was a healthy antidote to some of the ‘received wisdom’ you see knocking about the blogosphere.

My favourite is his number 6:

You can only be bothered to write the first 6 points from yet another pointless Top 10 list

If you find that happening to you - maybe it’s time to switch your PC off and go and do something more interesting instead…

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Tejvan - net writingNo Gravatar June 24, 2007

Thanks for link, glad it made you smile. :)

Joanna YoungNo Gravatar June 24, 2007

My pleasure. Your article was a refreshing change from the same old, same old.


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